PT5 Battery


The PT5 residential solar battery was originally designed for military vehicles and has proven itself to be the ultimate backup power and solar system battery.

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The new PT5 Battery is a top of the line lithium residential solar battery. With casters and handles for easy transportation and installation, a full display, and complete battery-to-battery and battery-to-inverter communication, you have one of the best batteries on the market. For those living in colder climates, we have you covered. The PT5 features a built-in heating system that automatically maximizes performance in cold weather and allows for charging at any temperature. The PT5 is the future of energy storage.


  • Battery Communication – PT5 battery communicates with the inverter to ensure the best performance and energy monitoring
  • Expandable – Plug and play battery system allow for up to 24 PT5 Batteries in parallel
  • Easy to Read and Use – LCD Display meaning you always know how much power you have to play with
  • Depth of Discharge – Compared to lead acid, you can discharge up to 100%
  • Secure – Locking casters for easy transportation and bolt-down tabs for wall or rack installation




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Energy Capacity


Nominal Voltage

51.2 VDC


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